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You Can Help Mark The Lavender Cycling Trail In Dutton, Eudunda To Waterloo Area Starting Next Week

Can You Spare Some Time In The Next Two Weeks?
Volunteer To Help Mark The Lavender Cycling Trail.

South Australian Recreation Trails Inc (SARTI) are the developers of the Lavender Cycling Trail and the Lavender Federation Trail (Walking) from Murray Bridge to Clare a distance of just over 300km. The trails have been developed entirely by volunteers.

LCT Marking - Knocking in Star Droppers
Lavender Cycling Trail Marking – Knocking in Star Droppers

SARTI Secretary Helen Dominish said,
“We were delighted to announce in May that we were successful in our grant application to the Office of Recreation, Sport and Racing (ORSR) for the amount of $29,000. This grant will enable us to fund completion of signage on the 300 km Lavender Cycling Trail (including signage for Wet Weather Alternative Routes) and the upgrading of two trail heads.”
Eudunda News reported on this back in May – read article

Since that time Helen and her husband Derek, friends and volunteers from the Southern areas have done a marvelous job and completed from Murray Bridge to Dutton.


LCT Marking - Attach Signage To Star Droppers
Lavender Cycling Trail Marking – Attach Signage To Star Droppers

“Derek and I will be working on marking the Lavender Cycling Trail (M2C) between Dutton and Waterloo based at Eudunda Caravan Park for two weeks starting on this Sunday 29 October. We would welcome any locals who would be willing to assist with hammering star droppers or using a battery drill. We usually work from 9am to 2pm but can be adaptable depending on anyone’s needs.” Helen said.

Local SARTI Board member in Eudunda, Peter Herriman explained,
“When the trail was first developed it was mapped on GPS which was a great way to get the trail going quickly. That was fine for dedicated bike riders outfitted with GPS, but for those who did not have that technology and were hoping to just do a casual ride, especially families, they could easily become lost.

“The physical marking of the trail will help solve that problem and make the M2C Trail much more inclusive and we hope many more will enjoy parts of the trail, and some to be encouraged to do the whole trail. Many do already attempt the trail in stages and can be rightly proud when they have completed each section.

“If you are not aware, Eudunda is one of the ‘Trail Heads’ of the M2C trail, and since it was first opened up, Helen and her band of riders of ‘The Uncool Cycling Club‘ (Facebook link) have been so enthusiastic about this area, it’s beauty and trails they have developed two loop trails

Helen and cycling volunteers have creates fantastic trails for us and it would be great if some of us locals can help out with this improvement to the trail. The tourism benefits to our town and area from the trails has been most welcome and your efforts will be appreciated by all, both local and visiting tourists.

Even if you can only help out for a day that will certainly lighten the burden. Why not ask a couple of your friends to come with as well, or maybe they can help on another day?

For more information about the Lavender Cycling Trail click link. Info about SARTI.

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