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Webinar – CYBER SECURITY – Does your Committee know what to do?

Webinar -CYBER SECURITY – Does your committee know what to do?

FREE Cyber Security - Club Security - REPLAYED FOR YOU
FREE Cyber Security – Club Security – REPLAYED FOR YOU

Back at the end of June a webinar was brought to community groups by CyberCX, Copper Coast Council and STARCLUB Regional Officers, and we thank Samantha Freeman, who is the local Sport & Recreation Development Officer for the Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council and Regional Council of Goyder for helping share this important item for all clubs and officials. It plays on YouTube.

Main Session starts at 5:00 mins in
If you have an extra 5 minutes start from the beginning to get to know those who participated.

Recently, there has been some unfortunate stories circulating the sporting industry in SA.  Volunteer committees that have been caught up in email and internet scams that has seen people doing their usual tasks – caught  completely unawares. 

We all seem to think we know how to stop scammers – but do we?

Here is a short list of potential problems-

  • significant amounts of money stolen,
  • access to bank accounts
  • private information stolen,
  • computer viruses,
  • data loss
  • Ransoms.  And there is so much more….

Corporate and business world have tech companies to protect them, but what can clubs, groups and committees learn to increase cyber security?
Click to view on YouTube

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