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Weather Threatens As Eudunda Area School Renovates Main Roof.

Eudunda Area School Roof Reno - Tarps in place
Eudunda Area School Roof Reno – Tarps in place

Spare a thought of kindness to the tradies and labourers who are involved in renovating the Eudunda Area School Roof.

Not only do they have some really hot days, but as typical Eudunda goes they have faced some strong winds, which blew their tarps off onto the ground overnight. The tradies have since fixed the tarps much more securely in an effort to beat the wind.

BOM Radar 128 - 160124 at 13-16pm
BOM Radar 128km on 16th Jan 2024 at 13:16pm Heavy thunder.

Tuesday morning it appears they are now faced with the chance of some rain. So far (afternoon ) the storm made lots of big grumbling thundery noises and the rain has gone by with only a few big heavy drops here in Eudunda. More rain was reported nearby, just south of Eudunda one site recorded 7mm in those showers.

One hopes that the BOM Radar images showing much more moisture up in the North West of South Australia doesn’t come this way for the moment. (a storm did hit that night, it is unknown at this time if any damage has occured)

We wish the team doing the reno a smooth job.

Update: 6am 17th Jan 2024: At Neales Flat it had 57mm overnight. The Thiele Highway from Eudunda to Kapunda is closed due to clean up from flooding and a detour along Curio Highway is in place. (Although we had a couple short heavy showers here in Eudunda, let’s hope this reno survived).

BOM Radar images with permission

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