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Twin Creek Windfarm Project – Community Consultation Gathers Feedback From Locals

Twin Creek Windfarm Project - Community Consultation - Eudunda, Roberta Magoba, Yvonne Anson
Two members of the RES Twin Creek Windfarm Project – Community Consultation Team at Eudunda,
L-R: Roberta Magoba (Development Project Manager), Yvonne Anson (Community Engagement Co-ordinator)

Information sessions for the Twin Creek Wind Farm were held at Eudunda, Kapunda and Truro, with a combined attendance of approximately fifty locals. The sessions were facilitated by RES staff and independent acoustic and visual specialists, to provide technical detail on recent changes to the project layout and to seek community feedback.

The optimised Twin Creek Wind Farm Project and battery storage system, if developed, will see a significant uplift in its capacity for clean energy generation whilst reducing the number of turbines to be installed.

The community feedback sessions were received with mixed sentiment. The community were mostly interested to understand the proposed project amendments and the impact on timing.

Concerns related mainly to potential visual and noise impact from the project, traffic during construction on local roads, and impacts to biodiversity. Particular concern was raised about potential increased frost risk and the likely impacts of frost on local vineyards.

Twin Creek Windfarm Project - Community Consultation - Eudunda part of display
Twin Creek Windfarm Project – Community Consultation – Eudunda showing part of the extensive display

Understanding community concern associated with the optimised development was a key objective of these information sessions. As ongoing environmental and technical studies are updated to assess the impacts of the revised layout, RES will continue to work through identified issues with interested and impacted project neighbours, and report back to the community on how we have sought to address concerns about the project.

Further information about the project can be found on the project website


Community members can help shape the wind farm’s community benefits program by completing the survey via the link on this homepage.

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