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The Arduino Microcontroller Club To Go Ahead In Eudunda From Early May 2024

Arduino Microcontroller Club Intro Night
Arduino Microcontroller Club Intro Night presended by Peter Kowald
showing of a few examples of what can be done with Micro Controllers

The presentation was run by Peter Kowald who has 47 years in programming, electrical, electronics and system engineering experience and is a qualified trade teacher and trainer.

The night started with some very interesting projects on the table, as to how the Arduino microcontroller could be applied to other physical and electronic items, usually with some basic programming to make it all work well. You can construct fantatic kits, or go further when you have the experience to make something very practical and helpful. Those attending were already coming up with some great projects to do.

In the above photo you will see some example projects, looking from left to right are:

  • Neopixel and LCD display demonstration
  • Nextion touch-screen and servo motor demonstration
  • Car Rally GPS system
  • SuperTrickler (gunpowder dispensing system)

One thing that Peter highlighted was that it was important for people have fun, and enjoy experimenting with their kits (Peter has recommendations on what kit to purchase online, and it shows that he is well aware of being budget consious in his choice).

Peter has also shown in practical ways that he intends to use learning methods that he has developed to aid in learning the basics, and the examples he gave on the night highlighted those points very well. He intends to have a bit of theory, but just enough to help understand things, prefering to see practical work to gain experience.

So if you are opening up the world of programming microcontrollers for practical applications or just for an interest in learning about the mysteries of computing, here is your opportunity right on your doorstep. Here are some of the things that you could achieve:

  • Learn basic electronics
  • Understanding a computer language, in particular C/C++
  • Become a master of automation and process control of gizmos and equipment
  • Invent you own machines and create your own solutions for Tank controllers, chicken feeders, fan controllers, home automation or anything you can think of or a have a need for.

It is hoped to have the first Arduino Microcontroller Club meeting on Wednesday 1st May and will make further announcements closer to the date as the day and time will be arranged to suit as many as possible to attend.

Call Peter on 0438 262 164 if you would like to find out more and to book into the club.

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