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The 24 Hour Trial Organizing Committee Preparing For Centenary Trial 2024

The 2024 24 Hour Trial Organising Committee
The 2024 24 Hour Trial Organising Committee

With only a month to go the 24 Hour Organising Committee are hard at it, planning for this year’s special event, and are now meeting weekly to make sure everything is in place.

HARDI 24 Hour Trial Centenary 1924-2024
July 12-14, 2024 Kapunda, South Australia

The event is free to spectators, and should be an extra special treat for all as this is the Centenary Year with the first 24 Hour being held in 1924.

We thank them for their hard work as they are all volunteers passionate about motorcycling and especially the 24 hour!

If you have any questions – please contact the 24hr Organising Committee
and their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/24hrtrial
PS – beware of a scammer page trying to pretend to be the 24hour – make sure you are on the one listed above.

WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS YEARS – HARDI 24 HOUR TRIAL Centenary Event 1924 – 2024.

HARDI Australia

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