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Stop Press: Localised Flooding Hits The District

Heavy rain, thunder and lightening in short but sharp bursts had Emergency Services in Eudunda and district busy, with blocking roads and clearing debris. There was also a call out for a vehicle rescue after being stuck in flooding waters.

The situation unfolded with first CFS responses around 10:30pm on the 16th Jan 2024.
with the Eudunda Truro Road with King John Creek flooding across the road, the early pager message said,

“Flooding Salvage, Alarm level 1, … Road Flooded, Nearly covering white posts, trees flowing across road, traffic managment required.”

To that the regions volunteer emergency crews responded with multiple appliances including from Eudunda, Neales Flat, Truro and Saddlesworth.

BOM Radar 128km Storm Just Passed through Eudunda - 160124 at 11-00pm
BOM Radar 128km Storm Just Passed through Eudunda – 160124 at 11-00pm

The above BOM Radar image 128km shows the storm has just passed through Eudunda – 160124 at 11-00pm. Taken quite by luck this snap taken just as the storm causing the flooding has passed (see top right as it just emerges past Eudunda) Bom Radar Images with permission.

News from the Eudunda South Australian Country Fire Service facebook page, at about 5:30am on the 17th Jan.
“Crews have just returned from flooding events on the Thiele Hwy between Pine Creek and Sutherlands and Eudunda Rd (Truro Rd). Please use caution driving along these roads due to the amount of debris on these sections of roads.

“Eudunda to Kapunda section of the road is currently closed between Eudunda hill and Pine Creek bridge while work is underway to remove debris from road.”
(Detour on the Curio highway).

Jenny Herriman out at Neales Flat has just reported they recieved 57mm (2.4 inches in old terms) of rain in the previous 24 hours with 50mm of that being overnight.
Has anyone else got measurements we could share?

Once again we thank the regions volunteer emergency crews for their dedication and hard work.

Did you know that our local CFS and Ambulance crews are appealing for new people to volunteer?
You will find it very rewarding, and training is provided.

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