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Stingers Rally Hits Eudunda On Tour

Stingers Rally hits Eudunda On Tour
Stingers Rally hits Eudunda On Tour

An informal group of Kia ‘Stinger’ owners love getting together every month and for a day drive to different towns around the State. They filled the Silo Viewing Car park with lots of colour and buzz.

Spokesperson Barry McKenzie was very happy that on the 26th March the group dropped in to Eudunda which is his ‘ol stomping ground’. Barry grew up at Robertstown and went to the Eudunda Area School and he returns to the area regularly.

There were 18 cars and 45 people in all, and the group spent about 40 minutes in Eudunda.

While here they admired the Silo Art installed by the Eudunda Community, Business and Tourism Committee (ECBAT) and also the Reimann Manufacturing Anvil Sculpture which was placed in the railway precinct as part of the Eudunda 150th Celebrations.

Reimann Manufacturing Anvil Sculpture
Reimann Manufacturing Anvil Sculpture

“We were hoping to drive right up to the Silos for a group shot of the cars with the Silos in the background, but that wasn’t the case.” Barry explained.

Sorry Barry and ‘Stingers’ it was a nice idea, but there is only ‘walk in’ access to the silo viewing area.

The group then went on to Blanchetown, and stopped for lunch at Swan Reach before heading home.

Photos supplied by Barry McKenzie

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