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Single Use Plastics Banned in SA from 1st March 2021

From March 1, 2021 single-use plastic straws*, stirrers and cutlery including bioplastic will no longer be supplied in South Australia.

STEVEN MARSHALL Premier of South Australia wrote in a recent email, dated 1st march 2021,
“Today was another historic day for South Australia, as our nation-leading legislation banning single-use plastics came into effect.

“Data shows takeaway food and beverage packaging makes up more than one third of the litter found on Australian beaches.

We have worked closely with community and industry on these changes, with many local businesses leading the charge on reducing their plastic use.”

For more information, visit replacethewaste.com.au.

* A video on the website also explains were an exception is in place to enable single-use plastic drinking straws to be accessed by people who need them – such as those living with a disability or due to health needs and also how traders can handle this.

Stephen Marshall MP – Premier of SA website

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