Narcoota Ram Sales Top Price Ram for 2020
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Narcoota’s 37th Annual Ram Sale a Success

The Grosser family of Eudunda were pleased to sell 34 rams on September 10th 2020 during thier Ram sale at Narcoota, Eudunda

The number of rams offered was 46 and 34 sold for an average price of $1052. A further five rams sold following the sale.

Lot 1 made the equal top price of $2000 purchased by SJ & TD Strauss, this ram had a body weight of 112 kg and an attractive fleece testing 18.8 micron.

The same price was paid by Nelson Lewis for the first of the June drop rams which had a fleece weight that was 20 % above the flock mean and a fibre diameter of 20.2 micron.

Three largest volume buyers were the Jaeger Family Trust of Eudunda, the Sobey family of Blanchetown and PJ Lee of Kulkami. Each of these businesses purchased five rams.

Nutrien’s Pfitzner & Kleinig conducted the sale with the auctioneer being Glen Keast.

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