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Narcoota Poll Merino Ram Stud Hold Final Annual Ram Sale

Narcoota Ram Sale - 2022 - Top Ram
Narcoota Ram Sale 2022 – Top Ram – L-R: Tyson Fechner, Jarrryd Finch, buyer Tom Walker, auctioneer Glen Keast,
vendor Tim Grosser, Andrew Kleinig

The Grosser family of Eudunda were pleased to sell 33 rams on September 8th 2022 at thier final ram sale.

The Grosser family of Eudunda were pleased to sell 33 rams on September 8. It was a positive sale with healthy competition lifting the average price paid to $1350. The family have decided not to continue breeding rams.

The top price was $3400 for Lot 3 paid by Agelis Livestock, Lameroo. This twin ram weighed 97 kg in July, a fleece weight of 125%, fibre diameter of 19.9 microns and a bare breech. Agelis Livestock of Lameroo placed in confidence in this bloodline as the father-in-law Geoff Walker has purchased rams at Narcoota and Ridgway from the late 1980s.

Other volume buyers to support the stud for a similar period have been the Sobey family of Roonka Station and PJ Lee of Kulkami, Steven Strauss of Mannum, Philip and Rhonda Klemm of Brinkworth.

The sale was conducted by Nutrien Pfitzner & Kleinig with the auctioneer being the sharp Glen Keast.

Narcoota’s Final Ram Sale

The Narcoota Poll Merino Stud was registered in 1984 by Rodney Grosser initially sales were by private selection on property. In 1986 a local multi-vendor sale was commenced involving nine merino studs. In the next decade Narcoota held an on-property auction. The family have appreciated the support of the regular buyers and interested locals.

Stock agents from Nutrien and Elders have been active in sale days with many behind the scenes jobs performed professionally. The agents have included Tim Taplin, Allan Rundle, Chris Howie, Andrew Kleinig, Matt Ward, Jack Coleman, Kip Dunstan, Ian Hines, Dylan Ruiz and Tyson Fechner. Jobs such as building the atmosphere of the sales days with prizes, signs, reliably overseeing accounts, penning and loading have been undertaken in a carnival type of manner.

Over the period a number of auctioneers have been involved voices such as Matt Ward every second year over a 20-year period, Glen Keast likewise over a 16-year period. The auctioneer list includes Steven Doecke, Paul Kilby, Tony Weatherall, Richard Cooper, Gary Tapscott, Malcolm Scroop and Darryl Venning. The stud was also involved in the Eudunda and Districts ram sale in the 1980s which by memory involved auctioneers Richard Butler, Tom Penna and Tony Weatherall.

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