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Mid North Fire Season Declared – Starts 15th Nov 2020

Fire Season Warning
Fire Season Warning

The full season in the Mid North region is the 15th of November until 30 April 2021

CFS Chief Officer Mark Jones said that with recent rainfall many districts will be commencing restrictions on their traditional starting dates.
“A milder start to the season than in previous years means we will see the commencement of the Fire Danger Season for many areas at a time that residents were traditionally more used to.

“With no need for the starts to be brought in early, as in previous years, there should be no surprises for residents in these districts who have been preparing their properties,” Mr Jones said. The Fire Danger Season commencement means restrictions in districts become legally enforceable.

“Now is the perfect time to prepare for the oncoming season and update your Bushfire Survival Plan,” Mr Jones said.

Why not review your Bushfire Survival Plan
Details on the South Australian County Fire Service website

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