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Long Weekend Holiday Has Eudunda Caravan Park Overflowing After Short Lull.

Eudunda Caravan Park 7 of 8 powered sites (plus 5 free campers)
Eudunda Caravan Park 7 of 8 powered sites (plus 5 free campers)

The Eudunda Community, Business and Tourism (ECBAT) are delighted to see that after a short lull in patronage that the Eudunda Caravan Park has been booked out and overflowing during the previous weekend. A combination of the Robertstown 150th event, the finished Eudunda Silo Art and a Long Weekend put a high demand on the Eudunda Caravan Park and all our local accommodation operators.

It was amazing to see that although ECBAT have recently succeeded in doubling the powered site capacity from 4 to 8 sites, that the caravan park has quickly reached full capacity again.

Last weekend saw the caravan park overflow in several directions, with more caravans and free campers happy to stay in the area.

The community is delighted to see that many who came over the weekend have remained, to continue exploring the area, and to relax.

Eudunda Caravan Park 7 of ​8 powered sites (plus 5 free campers) - Showing Free Camp area
Eudunda Caravan Park Showing Free Camp area where another 5 visiting vehicles had set up

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