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Lew Job 2 Day Reliability Trial – Robertstown 12th & 13th June 2021

Robertstown Lew Job 2 Day Trial Flier - DSC05160 for 2021
Robertstown Lew Job 2 Day Trial Flier – DSC05160 for 2021

The ‘Robby 2 Day’ trial is very popular with local riders and spectators. You should start by coming to Main Control at the Robertstown Oval. Grab a bite to eat, and some drinks, sus out the spectator options and enjoy some great motorcycle action.

PROMOTER: Velocette MCC, velocettemcc.com (Currently offline)
South Australian Reliability Trials Championship (SART website – info on the event)

Some extra details can be picked up by studying the Rider Information PDF eg.
Which is available from the SART website (link above)

The course is generally between 75 ~ 100 km in total distance,
with day and night riding on the Saturday and daylight only on the Sunday.

Limited Fuel may be available in Robertstown over the weekend,
Please verify this is the case if you are relying on them, or wish to support them.

Good Luck and Safe Riding to all competitors.
For Spectators, please take care to not get in the way, to drive carefully as there will be lots of people around and gravel/dirt roads and to take your rubbish home.

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