Letter to the Editor

Where Has Our Tidy Town Gone?

Once upon a time, not too many years ago, Eudunda won several Regional KESAB Tidy Town Awards! Today it is difficult to find a tidy STREET in Eudunda! What has Happened ???. We all have our opinions on this so let’s try to do something like getting our pride back into our Gardens and Footpaths.

Burra Districts Open Gardens Coordinator- Marg Heath has invited us to participate in the Goyder Open Gardens October 16 & 17 2021 Event. This is the same weekend as the Open Iris Gardens .
Here is a link to download an entry form to enter directly with Marg Heath.

This is a great chance to showcase Eudunda once again. A drive around the town including every street and garden would be impressive BUT a lot of tidying up needs to be done before this can eventuate….

Therefore I am pleading with all residents to get active tidying up their Gardens and Footpaths in front of your Home to get some PRIDE back.

“Tidying up Footpaths is the Councils job,” you say, but heck we all know this does not happen!

If you want a job done, you do it yourself”

An old adage.

Let’s make this happen! Not just a Fairy Tale!
Kind Regards
Margaret Doecke.

In previous times, fitter people used to help their aged neighbours to tidy up and this ‘Community Spirit’ was a major help in making the town tidy. (and this may still happen
, we would love to hear your stories)

The Community should not have to do this alone. Eudunda is one of the Southern Entrances to the Goyder Region, If our town/district present an untidy front Tourists may well turn away from the region rather than adventure further into it.

Council should also come to the party by supplying Green Waste disposal for residents and a works team to clean up the public areas at the appropriate time to culminate in a well maintained town for the Open Gardens Event. With some luck the streets might remain nice for that month and still look smart for the Eudunda Show, a month later, it depends on what rains we get. Maybe all we have to do is ask early enough and it will be put into their work schedule.

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