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Heritage Gallery’s Solution to Rainy Days

Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery - Clothes Drying - Nov 2020
Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery – Clothes Drying – Nov 2020

It would appear that the regular appearance of storms and rain has inspired the Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery’s window dresser this month. Volunteer and Committee Member Delilah Balmer has a real knack for window displays and this months was indeed very topical.

Young people could not understand where the washer and dryer is for this clothes wash. Yes indeed it would appear that the ‘old method’ of washing clothes may have used no electricity, but it did use plenty of ‘energy’, supplied by the person washing the clothes. Drying by hanging the clothes under the veranda or in a less used room also used no electricity. This does beg the question as to if we have really gained much advantage in modern times, as now instead of using our personal energy to wash the clothes, we have to go out and work to earn money to pay for the electricity to be able to wash and dry the clothes.

The Weather has not been kind to our farmers.
After three years of drought the farmers started out with what had promised a good season. Growth wise, it has been good, with rain coming regularly to help the crops grow. It has been great for our gardens (and the weeds too).

Sadly now that ‘hay season’ has been in full steam the rain has not stopped. Farmers have struggled to find enough time between the rain to dry thier hay out for baling.

For many farmers recent rain has all but ruined the remaining crop, now not fit to sell, and only good for on farm use, and as most farmers have less stock due to the drought they have less ability use of the spoilt hay.

It appears at a point where for many, that this year may well be treated as the forth year of drought, not because of the lack of rain, but for the lack of production of goods for income.

If you visit the Heritage Gallery and look through the archives, you will find many more times over the previous 150 years of European settlement that the farmers have struggled too.

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