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Has Your Internet Been Very Slow?

The Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA) has been investigating for you. Some of the major brands named.

Speedtest - by OOKLA - Internet Speed
Speedtest – by OOKLA – Screen shot of an Internet Speed test

Has your internet been very slow? You can run a test to verify what connection speeds your are getting and then compare it with the speed that you signed up for.

According to The NEWDAILY
“The regulator said more than 38,000 people were denied the chance to move to a cheaper deal at no extra cost, mistakes that advocates say amount to an extraordinary breach of consumer trust.”

Speedtest – by OOKLA – You can test your Internet Speed for free. If you find your internet is very slow, do not immediately blame the Internet Service Provider (ISP), as there can be many factors involved. A good starting point is to contact your IP and get them to check your connection.

Be careful, do not accept random, ‘out of the blue’ calls from someone claiming you have a problem, this is most likely a scam which has been active in Southern Goyder for many years (and still catches people out).

Read the source article on the ‘InDaily’ News site
Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) website

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