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Hardi 24 Hour Trial at Kapunda 10th – 11th July 2021

Hardi 24 Hour Reliability Trial 2021
Hardi 24 Hour Reliability Trial 2021

This year we return to Kapunda – South Australia.

The highlight event for may motorcycle followers will be this year’s Hardi 24hour coming up soon on the weekend of the 10th & 11th of July 2021.

The event starts with the first rider leaving from the Kapunda Trotting Track at t 11:01am and if all went well the first rider will return again at 11:01am exactly 24 hours later.

The course is quite hard on both bike and rider, and there is usually an attrition rate of at least 50%.

The event could not be run without massive support from many clubs who camp out as control points which operate over the 24 hours, the businesses and organisations who support in many ways from Sponsorship and other ways and individuals who may be land owners or others who help in some way.

As well as the rugged men & women who ride the event, this has been and always will be as much a fun weekend for the spectators, as they watch their favorites from some of the best, most beautiful scenery in South Australia. We do ask spectators and all who attend to respect the land owners property, and to take your rubbish away with you please, to not camp on private property without permission and also to drive or ride carefully on the roads and NOT in any properties. THANK YOU!

If you have any questions – please contact the Hardi 24hour Organising Committee


The event is free to spectators
For all information including the newly released Rider Draw

See the Hardi 24hour website

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