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Great Attendance For Inaugural Eudunda Hoedown With Families Dancing The Night Away At The Eudunda Show Hall

Claire instructing the keen dancers from the stage
Claire instructing the keen dancers from the stage

Claire Harris of ‘Footloose Fun’ instructing participants from the stage as first part of learning new steps.

A plan was hatched a long time ago for the Eudunda Show to host a music or dance with a country theme and that came to a successful evening held at the Eudunda Show Hall on the 13th April 2024 with the inaugural ‘Eudunda Hoedown’ and line dancing.

With meticulous planning from the Eudunda Show Committee ladies who have quite a bit of experience in the field of running events and catering, all was set.

Much to the delight of organisers 60 plus people attended to ‘give it a go’. Approximately 50 percent of those attending were local and the remainder came from Adelaide, the Barossa Valley and Clare Valley areas.

The night was facilitated by Claire Harris of ‘Footloose Fun’ and she was able to take those who were completely new to line dancing through the various steps to complete each dance.

Claire said of the group,
“It was wonderful to see a huge range of people on the dance floor, some people who were existing line dancers, while there were others who claimed to have two left feet.”

Claire shows leg clap with Carmen Jonas & Leyanne Jolly behind
Claire shows leg clap with Carmen Jonas & Leyanne Jolly behind

Claire showed by example up on the stage, and once everyone had a reasonable grasp of the dance, she set the music going and then raced around the crowd on the dance floor and lead out in front of them as well.

As the dance and participants progressed through each stage they rotated 90 degrees and one has to admire that Claire would race to be in front of them at each turn, quite a feat when she was also dancing, talking and coaching on the microphone as well.

Claire commented,
“The kids were also super enthusiastic, and unsurprisingly their favourite song was the chicken dance.”

With songs like Nutbush by Tina Turner, Mamma Mia by ABBA, Stop by Spice Girls, The chicken dance, Macarena, Footloose by Kenny Loggins Long Way to the Top by ACDC and more, there was lots of energy burned and fun dancing to be had on the night.

Some comments later on Facebook seem to suggest there are a few who are a bit stiff and sore the next day, but they don’t regret it as they had a fabulous time. One such comment from an experienced Line Dancer Chooky Hass said,
“Thanks for an amazing night, we loved it, it was amazing, the best of the best!”

Line Dance Trio - Karen Seneca, Bernadine Edwards, Kristy Hass
Line Dance Trio of the Criss Cross Line Dances at Farrel Flat enjoying the new venue at Eudunda.
L-R: Karen Seneca, Bernadine Edwards, Kristy Hass

One group of ladies are very keen dancing regularly at the ‘Criss Cross Line Dances’ at Farrell Flat, where they attend regularly on Wednesday nights. from 7-9pm and also they also attend at Stanley Flat on Tuesday nights 7-9pm.

Claire awarded Leyanne Jolly a lovely box of chocolates for being the most enthusiastic dancer on the night and the best ‘Whoop Whoop!’

Leyanne Jolly - Eudunda Hoedown most enthusiastic dancer
Leyanne Jolly – Eudunda Hoedown most enthusiastic dancer, ‘Whoop Whoop!’

The beautiful raffle basket was won by Sara Martin.

Raffle winners
Show Secretary Melinda Schutz presented raffle winner Sara Martin with a beautiful Basket of Goodies
L-R: Melinda Schutz (Show Secretary), Sara Martin, Holly & Chloe Rowett.

Claire is keen to promote line dancing in all country locations and is available to come to any towns that are keen to get a line dancing event up and running. If you would like to find out more you can visit her website: https://www.footloosefun.com.au/services

Eudunda Show Committee
Eudunda Show Committee driving force behind the successful Eudunda Hoedown
L-R: Kahlia Jenke, Mel Schutz, Tanya Jaeger, Wendy Oliver, Belinda Jaeger

The Eudunda Show Committee would like to thank everyone who helped to make the event run so well and also thank those who came to make it such a great night.

Find Out More about The Eudunda Show here…


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