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Facebook Scam Alert

Email Alert Warning Sign
Email Alert Warning Sign

Here at Web South, your local computer shop, we try to keep on top of some of the threats around the internet.

Earlier today a large number of emails came through with the subject
ID Verification‘ and in the text
‘Your access has been temporarily disabled for identity check,’ and instructions on how to solve it.

Do not interact with the email

Instead – if you are unsure, go to your browser or app and try your Facebook there. Chances are you still have access (because the email is a scam).

If you do not have access, it is possible Facebook or your internet has an issue right at the time. Be patient and wait a while. If you really do not have access – then use the way you normally use Facebook to recover your account. (Remember this is an unlikely problem, so be patient). Another thing you can try is see if you have access from another computer or device. Do not use the email sent to you to try recover!!!.

Have fun on Facebook, but be careful!

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