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Eudunda Silo Art Project Progressing Well

The Eudunda Community, Business and Tourism Committee (ECBAT) are excited to report a steady flow of locals and visitors coming to see their Eudunda Silo Art Project taking shape.

Eudunda Silo Art - Painted Continues 5th August
Eudunda Silo Art – Painted Continues 5th August

You are welcome to go and watch the painting unfold. There is plenty of room to park either off Railway Parade, in the new car park, which was developed especially for visitors to see the silo art, and you can also park over at the Eudunda Gardens

Silo Artist Sam Brooks can only paint when the weather is kind to him.

ECBAT hope that the Silo Art will be another reason for Tourists to come to Eudunda for a visit or perhaps to stay. Certainly tourists have many things they can do in the area, and ECBAT is encouraging them to stay in our existing Light Hotel, Eudunda Motel and B&B’s such as Mouse House on Bruce, and people now have an extra choice of staying in one of the 8 Powered Caravan Park sites or do ‘Free Camping’.

Whatever way tourists come and stay, they have the opportunity to find good country food, and to explore other features of the district. In fact Eudunda is so central to four main tourist areas, some people elect to stay in Eudunda where it is economic to do so and do ‘day trips’ to Burra, Clare or the Barossa Valley.

The silo art became possible when Eudunda through ECBAT received a Tackling Tough Times Grants to paint the Silo’s, and further funding has been obtained from the Regional Council of Goyder to construct infrastructure such as parking area. paths leading to the artwork, an elevated viewing area which will eventually be lawned and further landscaping.

Eudunda residents should be excited about all the positive things that are happening around the district.

More news to come. Keep an eye on the Eudunda Silo Art Facebook page for photo updates.
Want to know more about Eudunda’s Management Committee – see ECBAT website

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