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Eudunda Road House – Action Soon

Eudunda Roadhouse Opening Soon banner
Eudunda Roadhouse Opening Soon banner

After a much longer delay that expected, there seems to be some action at the site of the Eudunda Road House, on the Thiele Highway with the new management declaring that the facility will be opening soon.

As the Eudunda Road House is on the main road, the Thiele Highway (which the State of South Australia named in honour of local author Colin Thiele) it is one of the first impressions that travelers from Kapunda to Morgan see, so it will be great to have a welcoming gateway to Eudunda again. The new owners have timed it well. with the new Silo Art currently looking at happening next year, and the increase in walking and cycling in the area, plus some great shops Eudunda is set to be even more inviting to people to stop.

We hope to hear more news soon.

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