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Eudunda Hostel Residents & Staff Receive Restored Trolley From Hub & Shed Volunteers

Eudunda Community Hub & Shed Restore Trolley For Eudunda Hostel Residents
Eudunda Community Hub & Shed Volunteers Restore (The Trolley Shown In Front) For Eudunda Hostel Residents
L-R: Residents – Michael, Pam, Gordon, Betty, Yvonne, Ross (in front)
Behind, Standing L-R: Neil Nicholson (Chair – Eudunda Community Hub & Shed), Fred Kelsh (Hub Member)

A much loved trolley for the Eudunda Hostel Residents and Staff was in a terrible way and the Eudunda Community Hub & Shed volunteers were asked if they could restore it.

The result can be seen as the trolley has been lovingly and skillfully attended to by the Volunteers from the Hub.

Ruth Parry, Lifestyle Co-ordinator at the Eudunda Hostel said,
“Our ‘New’ Trolley will be used for our wine and cheese tasting days. Thank you to all who were involved.”

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