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Eudunda Hospital To Celebrate 100 Years Of Serving The Community With Open Day On 9th Oct 2022

Eudunda Hospital Celebrating 100 Years - 9th Oct 2022 - A3 Poster
Eudunda Hospital Celebrating 100 Years – 9th Oct 2022 – A3 Poster

Eudunda Hospital
Celebrating 100 Years
Open Day – 9th Oct 2022
11am to 4pm

Eudunda Hospital Centenary celebrations are planned for Sunday 9th October 2022 in front of the Hospital at 11am to 4pm. The community are warmly encouraged and welcomed to attend this important event in the history of Eudunda and district, together with dignitaries, being senior health staff, Goyder Councillors, and Members of Parliament, and past and present staff of the Hospital. The Eudunda Hospital has been an essential service to our community for 100 years and a banner will be displayed in front of the Hospital for the occasion.

The program includes lunch provided by community businesses and sporting clubs, followed by an official opening and introduction of dignitaries at 1pm, opening of time capsule after which Jenny Schutz will reveal the contents of the time capsule. Jenny Schutz will read out to the gathering a brief history of the Hospital and maybe share some stories.

This celebration is an opportunity to promote the Hospital services available to the community, not only being an Aged Care facility, but utilizing the Day Care Centre with physiotherapy, and recently including health programs, gentle exercises, podiatry, dietician and Day Care activities. The community will be informed and be aware of the services available at your fingertips.

A souvenir leaflet will be printed and available on the day as a keepsake for the special occasion.

Joseph Levi Lampard - a great benefactor to Eudunda Hospital in 1947
Joseph Levi Lampard – a great benefactor to Eudunda Hospital in 1947

There will be a cutting of the 100th birthday cake by dignitaries/past staff member, and it is planned ( Covid allowing) for staff in period costume to conduct guided tours through the Eudunda Hospital and Hostel.

Eudunda Hospital officially opened on 28th January 1922 as a community Hospital, built through having donations from local residents. The Hospital was an active acute hospital until redeveloped to include aged care in 1990’s, however remained an acute hospital providing emergency services and medical admissions. In 2000, major renovations saw the ‘new look’ hospital with administration and front entrance situated where it is located today. In 2008, Eudunda Hospital and Kapunda Hospital amalgamated to become Eudunda/Kapunda Health Service. More recently in 2012, Eudunda Hospital amalgamated with Eudunda Hostel to be predominantly a 35-bed Aged Care facility.

Eudunda Hospital - Charlie's Garden
Eudunda Hostel Diversional Therapist Ruth Parry and resident Cynthia Armstrong
in Charlie’s Garden

Over the years, Eudunda Hospital and Hostel have received large bequests, which have been a huge benefit to the Health Service. In 1947, Joseph Levi Lampard willed a huge portion of his estate to Eudunda Hospital, and in 2013, the Hostel was fortunate to have bequested the amount of $50,000 by Mr. Charlie Schiller to enable works to be completed in the western courtyard of the Hostel as per Mr. Schiller’s wishes of having the area developed into a peaceful garden for all future residents to enjoy.

Charlies Garden landscaped for residents' therapeutic enjoyment
Charlies Garden landscaped for residents’ therapeutic enjoyment

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