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Eudunda Skate Park Starts Development At The Eudunda Oval

The Entrance to the Eudunda Oval, Acropteal Park is having major work making this an exciting time for the the Community, especially the youth of our district.

Eudunda Skate Park First Earthworks
Eudunda Skate Park First Earthworks in progress at the Acropetal Park – Entrance to the Eudunda Oval

Some in the community may remember that for many years ‘The Acropetal Park Elephant’ and for a while a see-saw were the entertainment for both young and old at Acropetal Park while the family had a BBQ. Sadly our Eudunda Elephant had to leave because of insurance worries (we were told he was too tall deamed unsafe by the insurance company).

Plans for the skate park have been hatched many years ago. After a long delay with sighting, permissions, design and funding, the Regional Council of Goyder have finally been able to start development of the Skate Park at Acropetal Park. This development is welcomed by the youth of the district and the Community and the Business and Tourism Committee (ECBAT) are pleased to see action happening which will benefit the local youth and tourism to the area.

A post on the Goyder YAC Facebook Page says,
“The Eudunda Skate Park construction has started!
Goyder YAC is so excited that skatepark builders “Trinity Skateparks” have put up the safety fences and begun work in creating what will be an amazing skate facility for our community.
Construction is planned to be completed by August 2023.
Keep an eye on our socials for further updates as well as information about the fun opening event that we have started planning.”

If you would like to join Goyder YAC, or know someone who might like to join, contact Heidi or Barb at Council on 8892 0100 or Cr Debbie Hibbert on 0404 294 407 for a chat. We always look forward to welcoming new members.

Goyder YAC Facebook page

The skate park is a project of the Regional Council of Goyder,

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