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The Night Bowlers enjoyed a balmy night on a fast green, prepared by George Mitev for Mally, who together with Eudunda bowlers Bill, Greg, Geoff, Chucka and Frank were competing in the Men’s Country Carnival in Adelaide. Carolyn Doering thanked George for mowing and rolling the green, and the kitchen staff and Mike at the bar. Both Neil Eberhard and Judy Milde won meal vouchers in the raffle.

The Ladies played Lyndoch on our home turf and won 51-47. Joy Hams had a tussle with Marion Kenyon 13-17, Pat Obst defeated Joss Allwood 20-16, and Judy Milde had a comfortable lead on Sue Drummond until Lyndoch scored five shots on the last end, which resulted in Eudunda’s winning margin narrowed to 18-14.

There were no Thursday afternoon pennant matches due to the Men’s Country Carnival in Adelaide.

Division 1 played Freeling at Freeling on a cool wintry summer’s day and were down 65-98. Andrew ‘Frank’ Pfitzner had a match of mixed fortunes, taking the lead mid-stream, then relinguishing it 18-25 against Trevor Heinjus, Tait Rogers had a cliff-hanger against Turtle 17-17, Bill Mader won the toss against Nathan Marslen, and shining light was Chris Jones winning 20-17 against Ben Massey.

Division 2A encountered Freeling on our home turf finishing 60-69. Ron Hams and Gordon ‘Kiwi’ Te.Au were down to Trevor Noble and Brian Koch, and shining light was Ruth Scoot winning 25-15 against Graham Mattingly.

Division 3 also played Freeling at Freeling and had an excellent win 72-40 with all teams up. Roy Fiegert was up 19-16 to Ross Wordly, Pat Obst and her team bowled very well with three players, winning 26-13 against Doug Jamieson, and Marg Nietschke had a brilliant day 27-11 against Lyal Edwards.

Team of the Week was Marg Nietschke, Maurice Nietschke, Marg Weymouth and George Mitev with an impressive sixteen shots up.

Congratulations to Greg Prior and Kym ‘Chucka’ Schutz who played off in Singles knockouts on Monday at the Men’s Country Carnival.

Liz Kleinig’s name was drawn for the Club Draw, but she was not present, so it jackpotted again.

All sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Bill Mader for his birthday on Sunday.


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