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Eudunda Awaits SA Ag Town Of The Year Awards With Result To Be Announced In November,

At the Regional Showcase Awards Celebration Event, to be held on Thursday 9 November 2023.

Eudunda - Power of the Past Driving the Force of the Future
Eudunda – Power of the Past Driving the Force of the Future

Eudunda is one of 3 finalists for the 2023 Agricultural Town of the Year Awards!!!!

AG TOWN OF THE YEAR AWARDS Judges visited Eudunda on Thursday – 28th September 2023

Regional Council of Goyder and Eudunda Ward Councilor Debbie Hibbert summaried the afternoon’s tour,
“Yesterday afternoon the Eudunda Area School (EAS) hosted the judges for the SA Ag Town of the Year to showcase our Ag program and recent success with EASpresso. The panel and community members enjoyed refreshments at the cafe after a busy day touring the town.”

A full itinerary had been planned to showcase Eudunda’s past, present and strong future. The judges visited innovative farming and agricultural businesses, meet inspirational young agricultural leaders, visited the local school agricultural and VET programs, learn about community activities that support the industry and discovered more about Eudunda’s strong heritage!

“Thank you for hosting us for afternoon tea. Your baristas did an awesome job and the school is looking amazing.” Debbie said.

SA Ag Town of the Year 2023 Judging - Force of the Future at Eudunda Area School
SA Ag Town of the Year 2023 Judging – Final Segment of Force of the Future at Eudunda Area School


Some community members attended the final summary, at the Eudunda Area School and could see the amount of effort put in to the very full on afternoon of presentations to the judges.

The local enthusiam was fantastic, everyone from all sections of the community, young to old, community organisations and business working together with the local council.

No matter what the outcome of the judging, as one of the judges said of the 3 finalists,
“We are all winners”.

What our community has experienced from this award process is how to work broadly across all of the challenges, find solutions, and the need to work together to solve current and future challenges in partnership with external organisations.

Yes – We are biased, Come On Eudunda! but our judge is right.

ALL Three of our towns, Eudunda, Bordertown and Wuddina are winners because we have learnt so much about ourselves and gained that ‘extra’ positive experience to do more for our communities.

Thank you to the organising committee of:
Mel Zerner, Emily buddle, Bob Dabrowski, Cr. Debbie Hibbert, Cr. Judy Partington, Barb Button, henry Schutz and Samuel Doering who have put together such a well represented and thoughtful array for the judges to mull over.

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Thanks to the Regional Council of Goyder for the above image and post

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