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Discover The Facinating Story Of Anlaby’s Lost Conservatory

Anlabys conservatory, looking from the western side, c. 1908. SLSA PRG-1663-3-7
Anlabys conservatory, looking from the western side, c. 1908. SLSA PRG-1663-3-7

Local historian Samuel Doering has been very busy doing research for Anlaby Station owners Andrew Morphett and Peter Hayward on the history of the property and the owners and workers of times gone by.

The fantastic thing about his work is that they have shared that research through a series of blog posts that Samuel has created.

From Samuel’s next post:-
“Work on building the conservatory commenced in October 1891, and was finished by mid-December. Adam Munro was hired to erect the stone walls, as well as the glass, iron, and wood structure on top. He was paid on 12 December 1891; the work being described as ‘To erecting conservatory.’ The cost came to £805, which equates to $150,000 in 2022. The sum Henry paid for the conservatory was between five and fifteen times the annual income of workers at Anlaby.

“The finished conservatory was divided into thirds, with varying climactic conditions in each third.”

Samuel is able to share the great way that each of these areas was divided up and skillfully used to create an environment for each. Overal the amount of research is comprehensive and facinating.

You have a great opportunity to delve into the facinating story as you Rediscover Henry Dutton’s Monumental Gardening Obsession at the post in the link below:


Anlaby Station is just on the Western boundary of our Regional Council of Goyder with land in the Council area. Although claimed mostly by Kapunda these days it has a long history with our area, and us Eudunda Mob like to think it is a shared experiance and it certainly is a ‘Must Do’ destination for a visit to their historic and beautiful station.

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