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Cyber Threats Include Ag Industries – Be Prepared

Cyber Threats Alert Warning Sign
Cyber Threats Alert Warning Sign

Agrifutures Australia has released and interesting article called “Cyber threats in rural industries – are we prepared?”

The threat of computer hacking of equipment used by farmers has been around for quite some time. As many areas of farming become mechanized, many are controlled by electronic means, be it a dedicated EPROM or CPU that does manages many devices or just one purpose it could be vulnerable to manipulation by the unscrupulous.

Agrifutures Australia writes,
‘Digital technologies are everywhere – from helping farmers regulate water use and track soil moisture, remotely control irrigation pumps, help collect and manage genetic information in livestock or drive autonomous and GPS guided machinery, to name just a few. With these technologies comes risk. As rural industries’ reliance on technology, data and information sharing grows, so does the likelihood of potentially devastating cyber attacks.’


At the end of the article you are invited to complete a short survey,
Some of our farmers might be interested in following up on this, as there is a benefit in doing so,
‘While responses to the survey are anonymous, participants have the option to elect to receive a free personalised report reviewing their cyber resilience and be benchmarked against peers.’

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