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Council To Close Eudunda Swimming Pool – Last Day 14th March 2021

Eudunda Swimming Pool - 2 weeks left to swim
Eudunda Swimming Pool – 2 weeks left to swim

The Eudunda Swimming Pool 20/21 season is declared by the Regional Council of Goyder and finishes on the 14th March 2021 this year at 7pm.

The pool has been described by visitors as one of the best maintained people have experienced, a real tribute to Pool Manager Steve Wegener, and Eudunda is lucky enough to have him ply his skills and pride in looking after the pool. The pool actually caters for both local swimmers and it draws in people from surrounding towns and at times further away, helping Eudunda’s tourism industry.

So get in the pool on the last couple weeks and enjoy. Warm Days are coming.

The pool is only open if the temperature forecast as Port Pirie is 28 degrees or over

Opening times for the Pool – with $2 entry it is a bargain.

See Facebook @EudundaSwimmingPool for more info

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