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Come Help Us Save Levi Creek – Tree Planting This Sat 10th July 2021

Levi Creek Nature Reserve - Tree Planting
Levi Creek Nature Reserve – Tree Planting

Please come and help Save Levi Creek!
You can do this by helping plant some 250 plants.

Some 50 plus years ago this area was once a lovely natural area of creeks, flowing springs, water pools with yabbies, natural trees, vegetation, flowers and wildlife, as well as a natural fossil area.

Over the years, overuse and careless use by people with cars, 4 wheel drives and motorbikes the area was completely ruined to the point where the local council abandoned it.

Fortunately a fantastic collaboration between many Government & Local Councils and Departments, the local community management groups, neighbouring land owners and concerned groups have a great plan to bring the area back to it’s beauty and natural environment.

Part of the strategy to stop the vandalism in the area has been to quietly educate those who come to visit to respect the area,
and to fence the area to stop those who might not be considerate (they are spoken to by Police).
Mechanisms are in place now that the rehabilitation can start
and this weekend is a great opportunity for people of the region to be involved.

Want to find out more?
Contact Judy on 0408 081 127

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