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Caravan Park Busy Again

Eudunda Caravan Park - 6 bays full
Eudunda Caravan Park – 6 bays full

There were a couple weeks where the Eudunda Caravan Park was very quiet, only a few happy campers. So it is great to see the park thriving again this week. Eudunda was not the only quiet park last month, and it seems February can be a slow month for the industry.

The photo shows 6 of the 8 powered bays in use, and there were a few free campers back of the oval too.

The Eudunda Community Business and Tourism Committee (ECBAT) run the Eudunda Caravan Park and are proud to see it getting used so well. The people staying there bring welcome trade to our town. In the park’s first year of operation it was estimated that the park generated $54,000 within the community. That was with only 4 powered bays. ECBAT has recently been able to expand the number of powered sites to 8, (see ‘Eudunda Caravan Park Expands Ready For Tourism Increase‘) and expect an increase in the level of spend in our town.

There is some exciting news about to be released about our Eudunda Caravan Park and you can be involved too. Stay Tuned!

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