Can The Four ‘R’s Help Reduce Farm Greenhouse Gas Footprint, What Alternatives?

The race is on to save the World from Climate Change, with the World seeing what scientists have been predicting for decades. We may be too late, we may be able to reduce the effects.

While we are hearing a lot about alternative energy to reduce or remove the need for fossil fuels, many sectors of Australian work life are working toward reducing greenhouse gas, including the farming industry upon which much of the Southern Goyder region is based and reliant on.

An interesting article in the ABC Business section discusses the challenge farmers have with production and the use of nitrogen fertiliser. Read the article here…

Food production generates more than a third of manmade greenhouse gas emissions says

– a new framework tells us how much comes from crops, countries and regions

Here is an interesting quiz for the children during the school holidays about ‘Emissions by Source: What Sectors Create the Most Emissions?’ from Climate Science Orgaisation – check it out here

When did scientists first warn humanity about climate change?

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