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ECBAT Taking Action – May 2024


The Eudunda Community Business and Tourism (ECBaT) is buzzing with activity, working on several initiatives to benefit Eudunda and Southern Goyder region. Here’s a rundown of their latest efforts:

Community Action Plan Arrives Soon:

Residents in the Southern Goyder region can expect to receive a hard copy of the Eudunda and surrounds Community Action Plan in the mail shortly. This plan outlines various initiatives aimed at improving the community, and guess what? Theme 2 Enhancing Tourism Potential is already being activated by ECBaT! The plan was put together by Rural Aid, Bank of Ideas and the Eudunda Community through workshops and a breakfast in 2023.

Want to Get Involved?

ECBaT is actively seeking enthusiastic residents to join their task force and help implement specific parts of the Community Action Plan. If you’re passionate about making a positive difference in Eudunda, reach out to secretary at the website form ecbat.au and express your interest!

More Initiatives Underway:

  • New Eudunda Brochure: ECBaT is busy putting together a fresh and informative brochure to showcase Eudunda’s best features.
  • Flag Poles in Eudunda Centenary Gardens: In collaboration with the Council, ECBaT is advocating for additional flagpoles to be installed in the Eudunda Centenary Gardens. This will allow for the display of more flags, especially on significant occasions like Australia Day.
  • Eudunda Pool Concerns Addressed: Following disappointment with the Eudunda Pool’s management not adhering to advertised opening times, ECBaT has formally written to the Council expressing their concerns.

Join the Next ECBaT Meeting!

Stay informed and contribute your ideas!

Our next meeting is on:- Tuesday 4th June 2024
The Uniting Connections building, 24 Barwell Street, Eudunda
Commencing at 7.00pm

All Welcome. Find out what is going on in the community, and what our community and the Eudunda Community, Business & Tourism Association are planning and doing for the community and businesses.

“It’s and exciting time for Eudunda”
This is a PUBLIC meeting, and ALL residents are invited to attend.

Check out the ECBAT Website

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