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2023 Copyworld Walky 100 This Weekend 12th Aug – Updated Competitor List For Car Action At Eudunda Oval & Surrounds

Visit this exciting local event next Saturday the 12th August.

Copyworld Walky 100 Rally 2023 - 12th August
Copyworld Walky 100 Rally 2023 – 12th August

The Copyworld Walky 100 – based out of the Eudunda Oval and engaging the Southern Goyder Region at it’s best rally site will challenge it’s drivers and navigators and enthrall its spectators.

The best place to start getting a feel for the action will be to come to the start of the rally at the Eudunda Oval, Main Control. Soak up the atmosphere as teams prepare to leave.

Grab a bite to eat and a hot coffee while you check out where the designated spectator areas are and take a few coldies for later on with the Eudunda Show Committee once again catering for your hunger and thirst at Main.

Click the image below to see the updated Competitor Information (Entires, Itinerary, Maps, Regs)

First Car To Be Flagged Away From Eudunda Oval at 9am – Jamie Pohlner / Adam Branford in their White Mitsubishi Evo 9 (2007) – They will ‘Transport’ to the first competitive section.

Copyworld Walky 100 - Rally - 2023 - Updated Competitor List
Copyworld Walky 100 – Rally – 2023 – Updated Competitor List


Don’t forget your camera and some warm clothing, you will need them!!!

Keep checking the Walky 100 website and their Facebook page for updates

Organizers wish to acknowledge Zayne at SC Racing for our poster design! and
TwinCam Media for their forever incredible shots of our event!

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